• Alternative Directions Inc.

    Alternative Directions, Inc. (ADI), a Baltimore-based statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1979, helps men and women in prison and those leaving prison to become independent, responsible citizens. We provide civil legal pro-se services to those in prison and comprehensive case management to those returning to their communities.

    Our Children Having Incarcerated Parents (CHIP) mentoring program provides opportunities for children and youth between the ages of 6-18 to experience normalizing and educational experiences that enhances their likely success upon reaching adulthood. ADI also educates the public and policy makers about the barriers former prisoners face when reentering society.

    In response to the need for community-based transition programs for women, ADI entered into a cooperative relationship with the State of Maryland, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Division of Corrections, to provide comprehensive transitional services in the correctional facility and after care services in the community. We call this our Turn About Program (TAP). These case management services support re-entering women with a greater opportunity of success. Our recidivism rates hover around 10%, compared to over 70% without this type of program service.

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  • Our Mission

    To assist, advocate and advance alternative directions for the incarcerated, returning citizens and affected families.

Our Staff

Roger D. Larson, MGA/HCA

Executive Director

Jay Sherr

Program Director, Civil Legal

Rachel Kirby

Case Manager, TAP Program

Anjali Tallapragada

CHIP Coordinator

Victoria Armstrong


Pariss Russell


Alysia Tillman


Nelly Waribe


Our Board of Directors

Celeste Taylor


Kim Young

Vice President

Jennifer Mercer


Denise Wallace

Board Member

Julie Hackett

Board Member at Large

Alexis Coates

Board Member

Our Partners

Safe and Sound
Criminal Reentry Grassroots Network
Tuerk House
State and Local Governments
Marian House
Local Colleges and Universities