Our Staff

At ADI we try to make a difference in peopleís lives. We are blessed with good staff that provides true caring to the men and women that most people don't even think about.

Please read the stories of our clients and see how they are struggling to make their lives and their familiesí lives better.
I hope you will see how ADIís work ultimately affects every one of us.

- Mary Joel Davis
Founder and Former Director


Trina Selden, Monica Cooper, Lakeshia Reed, Michelle Kelly (seated), Jay Sherr, Jessica Turral, Kellie Carrington, Rachel Kirby
Not pictured: Hillary Galloway-Davis, Mary Denise Davis

Board Members

Dottye Burt-Markowitz (Chairperson), Jeff Bernfeld (Vice-Chairperson), Trina Selden (Secretary), Brenda Shell-Eleazer (Treasurer), Arlisa Anderson, Brandon Batiste, Flor Giusti, Kim Guercio, Jennifer Kozak, Cristina Meneses, Angela Denise Shelton, April Smith-Koroma, Natalie Sokoloff, Ph.D.

Advisory Committee

Mary Joel Davis (Founder), Elizabeth L. Julian, Esq., Carol Alexander, Sister Patricia Ash, Sr. Margaret Beatty, Rsm, William A. Ballweber, L. Tracy Brown, Esq., Gaile Civilleti, The Hon. Elijah E. Cummings, Wilhelm Joseph, Esq., The Hon. Joseph H.h. Kaplan, James I. Keenan, Jr., Esq., The Hon. Daniel Moylan, Warden Gwen Oliver, Mpa., Sister Augusta Reilly, Rsm., Marc Steiner