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  • Civil Legal

    How can a father in prison avoid accumulating thousand of dollars in child support arrears that he can never hope to pay? How can a mother obtain a divorce that will protect her from an abusive partner after her release? Our civil legal program provides the answers to these and dozens of other issues that can be resolved by teaching prisoners how to represent themselves pro se in uncontested legal matters. ADI is the only organization in Maryland providing such services to incarcerated men and women, assisting over 2,000 individuals each year. In the past couple years we have significantly increased our assistance toward record expungements. This has nearly doubled our filings. Why is this so important? When a person returns to their communities, charges that have not been expunged could prevent the person from gaining employment. Employment is a key to success upon returning from prison.

  • Turn About Program

    The Turn About Program provides transitional services to women leaving prison on parole. Our TAP clients report to ADI at least two times a week for individual and group counseling, and depending on their personal situations, the women attend GED classes, and parenting and stress management classes. The initial months in the program emphasize recovery, rather than employment. However, the women also attend job development and computer classes throughout their involvement in our program. Our case manager assists women with substance abuse issues to find counseling and AA/NA meetings in their community. Once the women feels stable in the community, we begin to assist them in finding employment. This program lasts one year with monthly follow-up for an additional 12 months.

    Women with multiple arrests are on a ruinous path unless they are steered in a positive direction. This program intervenes at a time when these women still have an option of choosing to live a productive and meaningful life for decades to come. TAP provides counseling, case management, and support on topics such as how to make a positive appearance in court, how to resolves disputes in a safe and healthy way, and how to overcome a history of abuse and trauma, and more.

  • Many Maryland Nonprofits offer quality services desperately needed by women after they are released from prison. But how do women behind bars find out about them? Our TAP Program Director brings this information inside the gates to make soon-to-be-released women aware of the help they can access. TAP puts a human face to the nonprofit world of services available outside prison walls where women can find the support they need.

  • CHIP Mentoring Program

    CHIP or Children of Incarcerated Parents Mentoring Program serves youth ages 6-18 in Baltimore City. Children/Youth are matched with a mentor for a one-on-one supportive relationship. CHIP Kids developed the motto "Together We are Strong." It captures perfectly how CHIP's one-on-one relationship, monthly events, art nights and summer camp strengthen fragile families and plant the seed of hope and opportunity in young minds.